Terms and conditions of making donations

  1. Initial provisions
  1. These Terms, (hereinafter referred to as the Terms), define the rules of providing by SMA Foundation, with its headquarters in Warsaw, at Przy Forcie 10/99 street, hereinafter referred to as Foundation, a service consisting of enabling persons using the website www.konferencja2023.fsma.pl and its subpages transfer of cash donations to statutory activities of Foundation including the organization of the SMA Conference.
  2. Whenever the present Terms refer to donors, this should be understood as any person using the site www.konferencja2023.fsma.pl and its subpages to make a donation.
  3. By using the page to donate, the donor declares and confirms that he has read the Terms and conditions and accepts them.
  4. The current version of the Regulations is always available to the donors on the website https://www.fsma.pl/pomagam/darowizna/regulamin-przekazywania-darowizn/.
  1. The rules of donating on the site
    1. The donation can be made by clicking on the “donate” button on the website www.konferencja2023.fsma.pl. After clicking, follow the further instructions provided to the donor by information system.
    2. When donating a donation, the donor can choose any amount not lower than PLN 1.
    3. The donation is made through the payment provider – PayU S.A. with its registered office in Poznań at ul Grunwaldzka 186, NIP 7792308495, REGON
    4. The donation can be made using the methods provided by the payment operator, such as payment card (credit or debit card), electronic transfer, mobile payment systemBLIK, Google Pay or PayPal.
    5. Any information sent between the site www.konferencja2023.fsma.pl and the payment operator system are secured by SSL encryption.
  2. The tax exemptions
    The Foundation is active in the field of public benefit. In accordance with the provisions of polish law, Article 26 Section 1 Subsection 9 of Personal Income Tax Act is possible to deduct the value of donations made to the Foundation from the income earned in the tax year.
    1. a natural person may deduct donations of up to 6% of income before tax (Article 26 Section 1 Subsection 9 of Personal Income Tax Act),
    2. a legal person can deduct donations up to an amount equal to 10% of the income before tax (Article 18 Section 1 Subsection 1 and 7 Law on Corporate Tax).
      Proof of donation is confirmation of payment that should be kept for 5 years after making a donation.
  3. Complaints, returns of donations, complaints of PayU services
    1. Problems with the donation should be reported to the SMA Foundation at [email protected].
    2. The donor may file a complaint if the Services provided for in the Terms of the Payment Operator have not been completed or are not executed in accordance with its provisions. The complaint can be submitted in the form of:
      1. writing to PayU S.A., ul. Grunwaldzka 186, 60-166 Poznań
      2. via the electronic form https://www.payu.pl/pomoc
      3. on phone number: + 48 61 628 45 05 (A call paid at the tariff of the provider used by the donor), from monday to friday from 8:00AM to 8:00PM.
    3. The donor has the right to request the donation to be returned within 7 days of its payment. For a refund, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. Please include the following words in the subject line: „Zwrot darowizny”. The payment, after deduction of the costs of the transfer, will be returned within 7 working days of the day of receipt of the application to the Foundation.
  4. Personal Data
    1. The SMA Foundation is the administrator of personal data of donors. The Foundation undertakes to protect personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 (GDPR) (Journal of Laws UE L 119 of 04.05.2016) (hereinafter referred to as RODO) And the Act on the provision of services by electronic means (Journal of laws of 2002, No. No. 144, item 1204).
    2. By making a donation, the donor acknowledges that the processing of personal data has intended to handle donations in accordance with applicable law (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR – legitimate interest of the Controller). Personal data may also be used to thank the donor for the payment, to contact with the donor in case of problems with handling the donation or to confirm the receipt of the payment.
    3. The Foundation collects the following data: name and surname, e-mail address and donation amount and in addition, the telephone number and postal code, if the donor has provided them.
    4. Personal data of donors is collected for a period of 5 years from the last interaction (payment).